What compulsory kit has to be carried?
You would need to carry basic emergency equipment with you, such as a fully charged mobile phone, a fully waterproof jacket, an emergency (space) blanket, a whistle, mirror, emergency food rations, and a dry set of clothing. There will be medical standby throughout the race, but you could be on your own for long stretches, so make sure you can look after yourself. It is recommended that you include plasters, vomiting and diarrhoea pills, foot care products and some "Rehydrate" in your in personal First Aid kit. What clothing you include is entirely up to you. The race is run in a fairly temperate part of South Africa, but you will have to be completely self-sufficient, as far as clothing is concerned, for the duration of your race.
What facilities will be at the main race villages?
Race villages will be guest houses, resorts, or hiking huts along the route. Depending on the number or runners, we may decide to add private tents (tented village style). There will be mattresses, hot showers and food provided at each race village.
What type of food will be at race villages?
It will be tasty, hot, wholesome food. Dependent on the time of day, you can expect Lasagna, stew, bread and spreads such as peanut butter. Coffee, tea, milk etc. Cereals. Juices and snacks to pack for the next leg (sweet and savoury).
Will there be charging points for electrical devices at race villages? (Cell phones, GPS's, Ipods, etc)
Yes, most definitely. All of the Race Villages have electricity and there will be charging stations where you can charge your electronic devices. Please remember to pack your own charge cables.
Will the route be safe for runners alone at night?
In all our years of racing and adventure racing, we’ve never encountered safety problems. That being said, the following must be taken into consideration: Most of the route is on private land (game reserves and forestry areas). Every runner will have a SPOT tracker and will be tracked 24/7 on As such, we’ll instantly be alerted to irregular travel. The route is specifically designed to avoid populated areas, with only 2 exceptions. In all the "route work" I’ve done, as well as racing in the area on previous occasions, we’ve not encountered anybody loitering with intent.
What snacks and drinks will be available at water points?
Biogen is The Munga nutritional partner and their products will be available at all the water points and race villages. In addition there will be a selection of sweet and savoury snacks.
If I want a specific supplement can it be handed in and made available at water points or race villages?
You will not be able to send any of your own products ahead on the race route. Outside support in any physical form is not allowed, and any additional items you want will need to be carried with you.